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One onlies



We also have a variety of nappies where we have only one of that style. Some I have bought them to 'try them out' and they've not suited me well enough to buy more, but they've not been so unsuitable that I have sold them on second hand.......yet! Others I have bought of WAHMall and really like, but with all the nappies I've got, can't quite justify another.....yet! I'm also on a bit of a mission to find nice AIO's to show off at coffee mornings and tots groups! Here's a gallery of them to see what you think!

This is a shaped but not elasticated kissaluvs which does up with nappi nippas. Actually the use of nappi nippas isn't as bad as I thought, and this nappy is certainly very slim fitting, so I've not sold it on. DH has never used it though [oh yes he has! - DH]. For nippa lovers, this nappy is great.

Elinor is 18 months, it is a size medium.

Not a good piccie, and will update some time. Elinor is 18 months in a Keester Kover AIO.

An American WAHM nappy, some are imported now to snazzypants I find it does wick after a couple of hours, but I did buy it second hand, so maybe better if new? Elinor not a particularly heavy wetter though.

Does up with poppers, fleece lined, but non-breathable PUL under the cotton fabric outer.

Elinor is 18 months in a Snickerdoodles AIO

This is an American WAHM nappy from WAHMall. It has a MM fleece outer, burley terry soaker, and cotton inner which matches tabs [along same lines as a Honeyboy]. It does up with velcro. There is a flower applique on the bottom. It is so far leak free, very well made, and we are very happy with it. Elinor wants one for her dolly!

Elinor is 19 months in a SnugWee AIO

This is an adorable nappy! Again from Wahmall in USA, and has an Elmo flannel inner, which is v cute, and the snugwee label on the front, which is a penguin. It is an AIO,windbloc fleece outer snug fit from the snaps at the side, no leaks. I love it! [It is my favourite nappy!] Now also available in the UK from Nappy Baby

Elinor is 19 months [22lb 6 oz, 84.5cm] in a medium BunnyHugs AIO

this is cotton outer with hidden PUL, and a snap in trifold soaker topped with magenta velour - it looks gorgeous! It has co-ordinated side snap poppers, that really do have a wide size range.

As I suspected, the cotton does make it wick a bit, but the looks are so stunning that I forgive it!

Again from WAHMall, but some available from the Nice Nappy Company

Elinor is 20 months and 23 lb in a Country Cuttins Leopard Applique fleece AIO [large]

Again from WAHMall USA. This is the back view. It does up with velcro at the front, and the inner fleece is the leopard skin effect, very snazzy!


Also gorgeous, and awaiting a piccie is this fleece AIO from Heavenly Hineys.

Its the most expensive nappy I've ever bought, and also from WAHMall USA. It has windpro outer, which is v waterproof, and a PUL backing for the appliques. A slightly weird detatchable pocket system holds the soaker. Side snaps, and blue microfeece inner.

Some designs will be available in the uk from Just Nappies and eco-babes

Elinor is 20 months in a large Angel Luv quick dry AIO.

Again bought from WAHMall. It has a fleece outer, and an inner of flannel in a tellytubbies design [yes, we do sing as we put it on!] A prefold slips in the pocket. Its not quite a one only, as we have a matching bob the uildier with an orange outer!

It works really well, and even survived a pushchair tripwith no leaks!

Elinor is 26 months in her Happy Nappy Days nappy

This is made by a UK WAHM. It needs a wrap. It is pink fleece a thirsty soaker and a lovely pink with animal snaps pattern material outer.

Elinor is 29 months in her My precious Baby AIO

This was bought from WAHMall USA and is a fleece wrap with a snap in hemp trifold soaker. This type of nappy seems to be ideal for Elinor's toddler stage, easily chnaged, slimmer cut and she likes the different designs.


Awaiting big picutre. ELinor is 29 months in a Granny's Ark AIO

Again from WAHMall USA, andother fleece wrap with a snap in trifold soaker of fleece topped hemp. Very thirsty. Closes with Applix

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