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Second hand for sale: nappies, wraps


for sale Jan 2003



Having counted up my nappies, and wanting to try out some USA WAHM ones, I really must sell some, as they don’t get used for ages! I’ve done some absorbency tests on them at the absorbency page.

Nappies washed with ecover, never used bleaches/ napisan etc. , so not brilliant white as no optical brighteners. Second rinse after each wash. Mostly line dried, but will wash and tumble dry before I send. Tumble dried in winter. All have plenty of wear and tear left in them.
Wraps hand washed unless poop got on them [very rare!] so as to keep in good condition]

Prices are per nappy, and include postage and packing.

If when you receive the items , you are not happy with them, please send them back, and I will refund the nappy cost, but not postage.


Hardly used. Excellent condition

Kissaluvs trial shaped diaper in organic French terry. [see for piccies of their fleece versions] No label on it as a trial version. No elastication, as does up with nappi nippa [not supplied] . Scarcely used, as DH finds nippas a pain.

1 x kissaluvs trial diaper med-large £4

1x small pink aquanappy £3

1 x Large Air Flow wrap in white. £6 [£7.50 new] piccie in wraps page. We haven't grown into it yet, and she is nearly 2!

used for one child, excellent condition

used for one child [bear in mind I have over 40 nappies of each size, so that the use they get is much less than normal!] , excellent condition. No stains, Velcro/poppers/elastic in good working order, wraps waterproof. no holes or stains etc

2 x Bummis super whisper medium Velcro Noah’s ark £6 each [£8 new]
2 x organic terry ultrafit with nearly new twinkle booster instead of ultrafit booster, as they were used to soak in chamomile £7 each[9.50 new]

used for one child, reasonable cosmetic, good working condition

No stains but slightly greyish, Velcro slightly bobbly, elastic in good working order, no holes etc

1 x softy ultrafit bought new as last stock ,nearly new twinkle booster included, as had used the softy one to soak in chamomile! £5.50 [£8.50 new]  

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