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The Nappies :Day nappies;night nappies; one onlies!


Day Nappies



We have four types of 'core nappies', and these make up the majority of the nappies we use. They all are 2-part, ie they need a waterproof wrap or cover over the top. They are the poppered nappies: kissaluvs; Sandy's, and the velcro closing nappies: totsbots; daisies.They are all very good all round nappies, from newborn to toddler. If you wanted to have just one nappy type [though I'm not sure why you would, because its more interesting having variety!] then each has good points and bad, but all will be satisfactory. I'd advise you try a few out either second hand or hired before committing yourself to a large purchase. Also, what you like best in size one with explosive breast fed poops, may not be your favourite with an active toddler at size 2.

The Sandy's and the Kissaluvs have a size 0 for small / premie/ newborn. We had no size 0 nappies for Elinor, but she was 8lb 1 oz, and didn't find it a problem. Since many people start using cloth a few weeks after the birth, I don't think they are particularly necessary, but they do look very cute, and the odd one to tempt health visitors/ nidwives can be fun! Again, totsbots, daisies and Sandy's come in a size 3 for toddlers, bit these certainly won't be needed for Elinor, as they are for the 35-40lb + child still in nappies.

We have a few all-in-one type nappies [they don't need a wrap over the top], and tend to use these for creche, out and about spares etc, rather than full time. These are the Kooshies Ultra in the core section, and various in the one onlies - these have now been given a seperate page, as this page was starting to take a long time to download.[these particularly snazzy ones are good for showing off at Mum and Tots, Health Clinic etc!]Please also have a look at the page of Comparison Data


These are currently our favourite nappies. We started using the size 1's at 6 weeks, and have fleece, terry/fleece combo, terry and hemp/fleece varieties, and they are all great. The fleece are the slimmest fit, and the fleece/terry are the best absorbancy/slimness compromise. They are mostly unbleached, though special runs of colours in the fleece are done periodically, and can be bought either direct, or from Twinkle Twinkle. They are very stretchy and do up with poppers at the waist. They are one of the slimmest fit nappies we have. They are slightly low slung, so look a bit like hipsters!

We bought them from Twinkle Twinkle, and also some direct from kissaluvs, as they do seconds and trials, so even with the higher postage cost from the states they work out cheaper. They don't work out cheaper for new ones, and returning them would be a pain! Oh, even though these are in day nappies, all day nappies, pretty much, can be used as night nappies when appropriately boosted.

above: size 1 kissaluv 14 weeks

right: size 2 kissaluv coloured, 17 months


These are probably my next favourite, and the nursery like them as they do up with Velcro. [you can get them to do up with nippas instead] . They are a nice thick terry, with a flap that makes drying more quick, however still a long time compared to prefolds. They do up nicely, and fit well around legs and waist. They are very thirsty day nappies, and many people find they only need to be boosted a small amount for night use. We used them from 4 weeks, and I think they may have been bulkier on the newborn, had we used them, than the sandy's or daisies were. I do like the integral fleece liner in the size 1. Some people use the size 2 only, and fold the front down and nippa it to make a birth to potty nappy [therefore much cheaper]. This seems a faff to me, nursery wouldn't cope, and I wanted the nappies to be as well fitting as poss, so we have bought both sizes. Please see the longevity data on the comparisons page for the size 2 elastic probs. We bought them from the Nappy Lady and Twinkle Twinkle, but they also have a website where you can buy seconds quality cheaper.

above:size 1 totsbots at 14 weeks

right: size 2 totsbots at 17 months

Daisy Diapers

These fitted a newborn Elinor well [well they all looked huge!], and are exceptionally bombproof for poop. They are slightly smaller fitting than the totsbots, but otherwise very similar, doing up with Velcro and having a flap. Totsbots just beat them for me due to integral fleece liner for size one, but I like the flap being attached on the back for a more mobile Elinor! Also the cross-over tab is particularly useful for a slim waisted child like my own, and for the newborn. I bought a lot second hand, and they're still in good condition now. My nappies are a slightly older style, as the newer ones have a label attatched to the cross-over wing.

size 1 daisy at 2 weeks [9lb 10oz]. Showing the cross-over tab in action! size 2 daisy at 18 months [9.7kg]


These are made by motherease and come in small, large and XL. I've been told you can go straight from small to XL to save money, but haven't done that myself, as Elinor slim waisted. The material is lovely. We have the unbleached versions. They do up with poppers at waist and legs, for a really snug fit for babies who have chubby legs/thin waist or the other way round. When you have a wriggly toddler, you can do up all but one popper and use them as pull ups. I now do this quite often. The fleece liner can move around abit if you use them as pull ups though, so I'm thinking of sewing it in at the back. They are the slowest to dry, however, won my longevity challenge! [see. Until I got the kissaluvs, these were my favourites, but I'm fickle!] They really are good, hard wearing nappies though. Most nappy sellers stock them. You can't buy from motherease directly, but they have a helpful website and a bulletin board you can ask questions on. I also bought a mixture of second hand and new, and these really stay good quality material, so a good second hand buy, and will definitely last a number of children.

Above: small sandy's at 14 weeks

Right: large sandy's at 18 months


These are also flannel nappies, and we found that they were the best fitting when Elinor a newborn. They do up with Velcro and need a waterproof cover. They're not quite as absorbent as the others, and the main problem was that by 15lb, they were far too small. They were quicker drying though and less bulky initially. We bought ours from cuddlebabes, but they can often be picked up very cheaply second hand. We didn't buy any larger ones, as we felt the absorbancy wasn't quite so good for toddler use.

sam-I-am size small at 14 weeks

Kooshie Ultra

These are our main All-in-one nappies. They are great nappies for crèche and occasional childminders, as the nearest thing to a disposable to put on, as you don't need to put a waterproof wrap over the top. However, they are terrible at containing newborn poop and slow to dry. They are a flannel nappy with a non-breathable, waterproof outer layer. Kooshies say they have a lifespan of 120 washes, though with no tumble drying, this is prolonged. They are very slim fitting though, and look nice under summer shortie dungarees! Useful to have some around for out and about, creche use etc. They are often sold on in very good condition on ebay. Mothercare sell them, and Boots have similar own brand ones. Much better once child has weaned!

above: Kooshie ultra infant at 14 weeks

right: Kooshie ultra infant at 17 months

Far right: Kooshie ultra toddler at 18 months

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Night Nappies



Although many people use a boosted day nappy for nightime, particularly as your baby becomes a toddler, and wees much, much more, it saves wet PJ's to buy an extra absorbant, but bulkier, night nappy. Adding a wool wrap also increases the absorbancy. Now Elinor is 19 months old, we tend to use up to 2 boosters in the night nappy, depending on which nappy we choose - see the absorbancy page. Any more boosting than this would cause the legs to gape, but it is perfectly possible to put the boosters on the outside between the nappy and the wrap if you think more boosting is required. As your baby is much less active at night, the weeble look isn't a problem, and the boosters don't tend to slide about. Be aware that if you use popper vests, you may well need to go up a size at night earlier on.

Organic Terry Ultrafit/softy

We use these as night nappies. They do up with Velcro, and are a birth to potty nappy - meaning one size fits all. However they would be huge on a newborn! They were pretty huge when she was 8 months, but now at 17 months they are needing boosting. We started using them as Elinor started sleeping through the night and not needing a change.

Organic terry ultrafit with 2 boosters inside

Ellas House Bumhugger

Gorgeous night nappy, funky fleece colours and extremely absorbant, and doesn't need boosting yet at 17 months. Also comes lined with fleece. Again, I think they would be huge on a newborn, and newborns don't tend to sleep through either, so only worth while when your baby sleeps through, and you need something a bit more absorbant. I did prefer them when they were cotton terry, as this came in jazzy colours. The new hemp ones though are more slimline, and may well fit newborn better. We didn't get one until Elinor 11 months, and just into the large size at 19lb. Sara, the owner and maker, will fiddle about with the design a bit to help if you email her. They come in velcro fittings as well. My terry ones were trial ones for poppers, and I much prefer the new popper style. Sara is continually improving and revamping her nappy range.

A grumpy, sleepy Elinor at 17 months! [large size hemp bumhugger] Large trial terry bumhugger at 18mnths [getting a bit tight now!]

Stuffie Nappy

This has a rather nifty design where there is a terry nappy with a fleece inner, and a pouch to put boosters in. It is slim enough to use as a day nappy, but I find it great as a night nappy, as I add one additional booster, and it sees us through the night. It is really easy to boost this way, and comes in aplix and nippa versions. [I prefer aplix]. The ease of boosting and the integral fleece liner makes this my favourite night nappy, and I have just ordered 2 more! There are different colours of terry and fleece available. It is made by a WAHM to her own design, and good quality. Pocket nappies are a particularly good idea for those without tumble driers, as they dry more quickly.

Elinor 18 months with boosted stuffie.

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