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Elinor's Picture of the Day Gallery: If we can keep up, a photographic diary of Elinor.

Elinor's Offical Portraits: where any professional pictures are showcased

Elinorsmum's re-useable menstrual products : cloth is great for mum too; my pro's and con's of the cloth pads I've used.

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Nappy Sellers


Nappy Sellers : sell a variety of ranges

These sellers carry a vairety of ranges many overlapping. Some have exclusive deals with USA nappy makers as well as a stock of UK WAHM and international factory made nappies. Many will offer a trial package, and an easy pay package. A number also have some second hand resales.

In my main text I have usually indicated where I have got my nappies from.Also, where I have got them from USA WAHMall, or from the makers, and they are now imported by a UK company, I have also marked that in the main pages.



Twinkle Twinkle [USA]


The Nappy Lady

Plush pants

The Soft option

Ecobabes [USA]


Naturally Nappies

snazzypants [USA]

Just Nappies



The Buzzness

Nappy Baby [USA]

Nappyness Ltd


Nappy sellers: WAHM

These are Work at Home Mums [WAHMs], they have designed their own range and sell on the internet. An excellent source of one-off nappies, and some really good designs just waiting to take off! I've only included UK ones, though there are many USA ones that can be accessed through the American WAHMall. They are vaguely in alphabetical order for: nappies [wrap required]; AIO; wraps; accessories, though increased lines by each store means that they often have a mixture. I'd suggest looking at them all, and buying in ones. If you don't get on, you can sell on UK wahmall, ebay or uk parents forum.

There seems to be more and more UK WAHM's, and the list won't contain all that spring up. Many will probably end up selling in small numbers through the auction sites - see below. Why haven't I got pictures of ELinor in these nappies? Well, many of these companies sprang up after I had all the nappies I would ever need, and Elinor on the wa to potty training [now done, sadly]. So.... will have to have another child to try them out!

Button Up Nappies A unique design WAHM pull-up cloth nappy, ideal for toddlers and older children who no longer want to lie down to have their nappy changed
The Cloth Cabin the UK WAHM supplier of cuddlebuns. Wraps and nappies, birth to toddler in a patented design.
clothbots sells own WAHM nappies and menstrual pads, and materials for making your own
Cutiepatooties sell nappies, wraps, accessories, fabric and notions, and COMING SOON TINY TYE DYE!!
  Easy Peasy Bimbles The Bimble is for people who prefer a trim nappy for a smaller baby, and the Bumble is a stuffable birth to potty nappy with a popper in booster offering high absorbency when needed.
Ellas House Ellas house range WAHM nappies + motherease wraps
  Funky Bums

This is an Irish WAHM who tie dyes terry squares

Happy Nappy Days WAHM nappies, will make wraps and AIO in the future
Pitter Patter Cloth Nappies WAHM with some unique designs. Particularly worth a mention are the back closure nappies and the pad fold pants. Many other designs - an inventive mind!
Piddlies Nippa fastening WAHM nappies. Also new and second hand childrens clothes.
Poppetts Nappies Poppered WAHM nappies
Stuffies Nappies WAHM pocket nappies
Tiddlybums WAHM velcro nappies and washable wipes. Planning an AIO range
Bear Behinds Pocket AIO WAHM nappies specialising in funky animal print outers.
  Celtickidz Irish WAHM who produces 3 types of cloth nappies (fitted, AIOs and a one size nappy), nappy accessories and coming soon are fleece wraps, breast pads and menstrual pads
Little Chicks Nappies sells own WAHM pocket nappies, nappies and AIO, as well as some doll's nappies.
Minki's Nappies WAHM nappy maker, this time a stuffable AIO
  Fleecy Cheeks Stuffable fleece pull ons. Made by WAHM to own design, and can be used as wraps without stuffing or as trainer pants with stuffing.
Hand knitted pure wool soakers Wool wraps knitted to order for you by a WAHM

Sell own range WAHM fleece wraps, and also nappy making kits

Wacky Wraps Cloth nappy wraps with personality!They are made of a PUL inner and a fleece outer with a design appliquéd on the bum!
Woolly Backs Funky Wool & Fleece Nappy Covers. Hand made by a WAHM in Wales from wonderfully soft and breathable materials - luxury for baby's bottom :)
Zayoodee Supplies WAHM nappy accessories such as washable wipes and fleece liners
HappyClappyNappies 'Hand made cloth nappy accessories and other
children's items.  Adding a bit of colour to your cloth nappies!'
Snoozynights Makes PJ's cut for cloth bots
  Trufflebuggy Can't find trousers to fit over your child's cloth nappies, then this site is for you...


Nappy sellers: sell a single range

These sellers sell a single range. These nappies are available from many of the major nappy distributors, but special offers/seconds can be available on own sites.

Little Green Earthlets motherease distributors, but also other baby products especially useful


Nappies PUL and fleece wraps.
Nappy Nation Own design fold out nappy for quick drying, and a new AIO design.
  Daisy Diapers Nappies and fleece wraps.

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Auction and Second Hand



Some of mine to sell

UK parents nappies buy and sell forum

Ebay baby listings

UK WAHMall Now up and running with UK nappies and cloth, firsts, seconds and secondhand, as wel as other WAHM things.

USA WAHMall no relation to the UK one, and in full working order. You will need to get a PAYPAL account, which means that you can pay by credit card but do check the seller accepts it first, and get a quote for shipping. You may get charged by customs for import, particularly if the order is large - your postman usually collects the money on delivery if required. This is a bit of a lottery as to whether applied or not. You can claim back VAT from customs after paying, so keep a receipt, as nappies have 0% VAT.

Many of the larger nappy sellers now have some second hand nappies for sale as well.

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Nappy Laundering Services


Not everyone is keen to wash ther own nappies. I have included below some nappy laundering services websites.

The Nappy Box This is a professional nappy laundering service serving families and nurseries in North and West Yorkshire.



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Sew Your Own Resources


Selling Nappy Kits


cloth bots : sells own WAHM nappies and materials for making your own

nappysaurus: sells own WAHM fleece wraps and various nappy making materials

The Soft option : not only sells nappies and menstrual pads, but has a sew and show section with patterns

Honeyboys : and american website with fleece AIO patterns and materials kits

The Nappy Mill ; sell nappy patterns and material kits

Soaker Pattern ; Kathleen Day's soaker for knitting pattern

Selling Materials

Wingham Wool Work

Penine Outdoor

Yarn Collections

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Other Nappy Information Sites


Leeds Real Nappy Network: newly formed, and looking to make a difference in Leeds and surrounding areas.

The Cloth Resource: full of information on the variety of nappies available including a cost comparison.

Real Nappy Association: The major organisation promoting the use of cloth nappies in the UK

Women's Environmental Network: campaigning on environmental and health issues from a woman's perspective

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Parenting Sites - Your parenting lifeline, online

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Other Useful Sites


kiddicare : sell nursery furniture, car seats etc at low prices

Babycare Direct : another good nursery store

Breast Tees Designs: t shirts promoting breastfeeding

NCT maternity sales ; sell really good nursing bras for larger women as well as other things

Mother Nature : sell excellent maternity and breastfeeding bras. Including those for larger women

Grobag : make excellent sleeping bags

Daisy Roots: first soft shoes

Huggababy: excellent slings. we have found ours absolutely invaluable

Freelollies; kids clothes at a discount

The Maternity Alliance : advice about rights etc

Moon Mammas: cloth menstrual pads from WAHM

La Leche League: UK based breastfeeding advice

Home Dads: UK support group for stay at home dads, whether part time or full time.

MuddlePuddle Home Education: A School is a building... education is wherever we are

Education Otherwise: a UK-based membership organisation which provides support and information for families whose children are being educated outside school, and for those who wish to uphold the freedom of families to take proper responsibility for the education of their children


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