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Training Pants



How we did it

Well, to be honest, potty training in our house was very ad hoc [as are many things here!]. We would have the odd day or 2 when Elinor not in a nappy unless we went out, and a potty predominant, with the understanding she would wee in it. Cue wee everwhere other than potty. We prob did this about once a week for 3-4 months, and then hey presto, totally trained in the day as if by magic, with barely an accident, and safe to go out nappy free! So, did we use trainer pants? Hardly at all. Nursery liked some initially for their activities, and we tried them out, but as they were absorbant, Elinor just wee-ed in them anyway. We still have her in nappies for long car journeys and nights, and will move to trainers for long car journeys [though I've made a fleecy pocket which fits a prefold to put in the carseat] and perhaps at night, though I think there we are just going to have to go for pants. My advice? Prob only need a couple.

Ones we tried out

We tried aout a variety of different kinds to see which we liked best as a fit, pulling up and down-ability and absorbancy. Favoured ones prob Country Cozy's and AngelLuv fleece.

Country Cozy Trainers

one of my favourite design, fleece outer for waterproof ness, plenty of hold for a single good wee without leaking, and poppers at the sizde in case of an errant poop! Also pulled up and down reasonably well for interminable potty-no-result visits [in our house anyway!]

I bought second hand from UK parents. Unfortunately they are giving up their business, so no new supplies, but I'm sure an industrious WAHM will be making a pattern soon!

Angelluv fleece trainers

I also had a PUL version, but preferred fleece. As above, nicely held a wee [in fact 2 on one occassion] with no leaks. Slightly bulkier than the country cozy, and no poppers. However, v easy to pull up and down, and was Elinor's favourite. I bought new direct from Angelluv. They are a very simple deigns, and some UK WAHMS are doing v similar things.

Fleecy Cheeks

Absolutely beautiful colours! From the UK WAHM, and can be used as a wrap or stuffed for a trainer. I found the idea good, but too tight in the leg to easily pull up/down, and yet too bulky in the fleece. I think though that there has been gradually redesigning of the orginal pattern, so worth a try.

Happy Heiny's Stuffable Trainer

Unfortunately I got, second had, too big a size, so couldn't really comment. I also felt too stingy to get new from USA, as although various UK sites selling their nappies, they are not carrying trainer lines. I do think they would have been good in the right size! The material though is loevly, with glittery fairies! Maybe the UK sellers could get an order in if you were interested. Happy Heiny UK retail. Happy Heiny USA

Kooshies Trainer Pants

These were fine. The elastic comes a bit tight, so we neede the next size up. they held a wee fine and pulled up and down. I just didn't really like the slightly plasticy feel of the waterproof outer. However, if you've been fine with Kooshie wraps, these would be fine for you.

Kooshies the boots own are very similar!

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