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The wraps: PUL , Fleece, Wool




Air-rika [also known as Air Flow]

This is our main day wrap. It can be used for the night as well, but we prefer to use wool or fleece then. It is made from breathable polyurethane laminate, and does up with poppers. It's from motherease, and I think the best day wrap. Fits well, and is a good final defence against escaping poop in the breastfed baby. Now Elinor runs around, it can be used as a pull up, leaving one top popper undone - fantastic! As a side snap popper wrap, it is one of the baggier looking wraps on the market. The velcro ones do give a trimmer silhouette

Left: Elinor at 2 weeks old in a small air-rika

Below Left: Elinor at 17 months [9.5 kg] in a ML air-rika

Below Right: Elinor in ML air-rika 18 months


Also from motherease, made with the same material, this one does up with Velcro. We also use this as a day wrap. The nursery likes the Velcro ones but I'm not as keen, as it can leave little red marks on Elinor's tummy where the Velcro has rubbed.

medium rikki 14 weeks

large rikki 17 months

Popo wrap

This is very similar to the rikki wrap by motherease. Until 2002, popolinin were the European makers and distributors for motherease, but sunce the split, have their own wraps in a very similar design. [The vento is closely linked to the air flow]. I bought a large popo purely for the leopard print it comes in. Very snazzy to wow them at nursery. It is sold by a number of the larger nappy sellers.

Large popo wrap, 20 months

Bummis super whisper Velcro

I've tried this instead of the rikki, and it doesn't rub on Elinor's tummy. It seems to be a much slimmer fit than the rikki, and obviously the far baggier air-rika! The material doesn't feel as nice though, and as they are made to go with prefolds, they don't go up to the weights indicated. I prefer it to the rikki. Boots sell them as Cotton Bottoms.

Medium bummis superwhisper doing up with velcro at 18 months. This won't go over most nappies now, as made for prefolds, so need a larger size for shaped nappies, howeverwill go over the slim fitting trial kissaluvs. Large velcro bummis super whisper over a sandy's at 20 months.

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Stacinator Deluxe Fleece

We are trying fleece wraps at night because they are more breathable, now Elinor doesn't have a night change. [still wakes up though, sigh!]. This one does up with poppers and is 2 layers of polartec fleece. Elinor has a huge bum in it, but its just for night use. Looks and feels lovely. Is water tight as well! Not so good as a day wrap, as prolonged sitting can cause it to leak, so particularly bad in buggies and car seats. That said, I have used it as a day wrap for running around in with no probs. I bought second hand, but this is the USA site to have a look at. Twinkle Twinkle sell them in the UK.

Rosie wraps, and other fleece wraps

I bought a Rosie wrap from plush pants, which has been excellent. Unfortunately they are no longer made, but do look a bit like the nappysaurus ones - though haven't tried on. Again 2 layers of fleece, and does up with side poppers. Pretty much the same as stacinator

Medium Rosie wrap at 14 months

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Disana wool soaker and velcro


Although I love the fleece wraps, I wanted to try something new, so bought this wool soaker. I had initially been put off wool, as I thought it sounded really difficult to look after, but actually it's really easy, and I'd recommend it for night nappies every time. They really are wonderfully breathable, and help the absorbancy of the nappy underneath. Looking after them is much easier than I expected as well. I washed in cold water when I first got it, and then used the disana wool cure that I bought at the same time and followed instructions - roughly! I had to re-lanolinise a few times in the first month, but now I tend to wash once a month, and re-lanolinise at that time. I could prob get away with doing it less, as you only have to wash and relanolinise when you either start to smell the wee after airing, or when it leaks. Something about the saponins in wool turning amnonia into soap, and therefore naturally looking after itself. I bought mine from Naturally Nappies as they were the cheapest at the time.

The disana soaker looks a bit odd, but is very comfortable, as doesn't have any elastic, totally breathable and entirely natural. Think of it as a pair of wool shorts! I love it for night use, but wouldn't wear this one in day as its so bulky. It shrinks gradually with washing, but starts off looking huge! She's just gone into the large size at 17 months, 9.5 kg. The shrinkage means that unfortunately you don't get quite so much wear out of it as you would expect. Lovely wrap though!

The disana with velcro if anything seems even bigger for the same size, and the large is prob too big for Elinor at the moment. Still no elastic, and is very stretchy and comfortable. Large area of velcro means Elinor can't undo it yet. This doesn't seem to hyave the same shrinkage problem as the pull on soaker

large disana pull on at 17 months large velcro disana at 17 months

Snap fitting wool Soakers

These are made out of felted wool, and don't suffer from the shrinkage problem. I bought both from USA WAHMall. I think the woolly rabbit wrap is the best wool wrap in my collection and highly recommend them. The zoobabies wrap is a wool cuddlepants from a registered cuddlebuns maker. They are for birth to potty but I do think these would be a bit big on a newborn. If and when I have one I will put in a comparison photo. Like all wool wraps they need to be lanolinised periodically

Large Woolly rabbit from the Bunny Patch.

Elinor 23 months

Zoobabies embroidered fuschia wool cover from Lilmunchkins diapers

Elinor 2 years 25lb 89cm

Hand made wool soaker

I didn't make this!! However the knitting pattern is available on the born to love site in the USA, and also from Schmidt, from where you can get the wool. I also recently bought one from a WAHM. They are just a single layer of knitted pure wool, lanolinised, and do a really great job.

Thanks to Susan Mackay,

Elinor at 13 months

This is a bit big at the moment, but you can roll down waist to make it more snug. I bought it from the Wool Soakers site. It works excellently, and doesn't appear to shrink. Elinor is 19 months 22 1/2 lb. 84.5 cm tall

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