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This picture is of Elinor at 16 months with an air-rika wrap over kissaluvs

These pages have been written for UK parents thinking of using cloth nappies, and who want impartial advice and information on the nappies available. There are lots of pictures of my daughter modelling most of the leading brands of nappy, to help show how easy they are to use, and great they look on!

It is all based on my personal opinion! I have no commercial interest in any of the nappies or nappy sellers mentioned.

The first page is a general introduction to the types, and how to look after them. The pictures of the nappies and wraps are on other pages. Use the links at the top and the bottom of the pages to navigate.

I've also included lots of links to nappy sellers and other parenting resources to help out when you choose to buy. Go on!





why we use reuseables; getting started; The Final Word!


Why we use cloth nappies


The Environment: We decided to use cloth nappies with Elinor, as we try and be as environmentally aware as possible. Disposable nappies are filling up landfill sites, don't biodegrade quickly, and also contain chemical gels as well as the bleached papers and plastics to make them waterproof.

Health: I really didn't like the idea of so many chemicals sitting next to her bottom, who knows what side effects there may be to usage. Also, I would prefer cotton next to my bottom rather than paper. There are the possible issues that the higher temperature inside a disposable nappy may not be good for little boys fertility, that some of the chemicals in disps may predispose to asthma, and that they may overdry the delicate skin.

Cost: Cloth nappies are much cheaper in the 2.5 years a baby will use nappies as opposed to disposables. The premium disp user will pay about £1000 in this time, whereas the cloth user can pay as little as £300, depending on the system used. I have bought far more nappies than required, some v expensive, and some second hand, and have spent just under £500 to last till Elinor is potty trained. I have afforded to buy a tumble drier with the savings! [I know, not very eco, but great for loads of baby washing in Winter, And I still line dry whenever possible] As I hope to have more than one child, my next child's nappies will be free! If I'm not so lucky, I will be able to sell my nappies on, and recoup 1/3 to 1/2 of their cost, depending upon their condition. Not Bad!

Practicality: 'shaped' cloth nappies on the whole don't leak poop [disps. do! I've found, and make you change all clothes rather than a few]. Washing isn't so bad as the washing machine does all the work. No need to boil wash,sterilise, use napisan chemicals etc, just bung 'em in and switch it on! A new baby makes so much washing, that the extra isn't very noticeable, and I really am not the domestic goddess type!

Aesthetics: They look and smell nicer [subjective!] Lovely big-bottomed look, makes the newborns easier to grip, they sit on a shelf on your arm. Also cushions falls as they are starting to walk. I even enjoy seeing them on the linen line - how sad!

For more details, and a fuller argument see


landfill issues:

TBT issues: and

male infertility:


Leeds Real Nappy Network stand during Real NappyWeek 2003

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Getting started


Firstly I did a nappy questionnaire from the Nappy Lady, who assesses why you want to use cloth, what your priorities are, and what will suit your baby/ washing facilities etc best. This was very accurate!

We then got a newborn trial pack from ecobabes This was a great way to try out different nappy types before making a purchase

We also bought some second hand nappies from the buy and sell nappy forum on UK parents, and asked lots of questions on the cloth nappy forum.

Otherwise, you can hire individual nappies and wraps from:

Plush Pants , Naturally Nappies

I have also bought nappies, and got excellent service from Twinkle Twinkle, whose website includes piccies!

Although I haven't used it, and didn't know about it, you can see a nappy collection in your home by talking to team lollipop, who sell nappies through regional reps. You can also speak to your local Real Nappy Network, who may have a nappy library.

Leeds Real Nappy Network at the end of the First Nappy Fashion Show 2003

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The Final Word


Of course, this is what a true nappaholic like me dreads! My child beginning to show an interest in potty training! Luckilly at 19 months, I think we may be able to hold on a while longer! [If not, I may have to have another child!]

Isn't it strange though, most disposable using Mum's can't wait for potty training. maybe there is something to this cloth lark! No hassle, cheaper [until you buy lots of american WAHM ones, so be warned!], nicer to use etc etc. Some people say cloth babies potty train 6 months to 1 year earlier than disp babies!

As a summary, I like best kissaluvs for day use with air-rika [airflow] wraps, and for night a stuffie, with a bunny hugs wool wrap. My favourite AIO is the snugwee for its great fit and absorbancy. For showing off, its a close call between the country cuttins and the heavenly hiney AIO.

BTW, she is wearing her bunnyhugs AIO, as seen in the one-onelies on the nappy pages.

I hope when you've read through the site, you find that it has been helpful, and that using cloth doesn't seem like such a huge step any more.

email me if you have any queries, comments, or site alterations in mind!

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Website Update News!

Reciprocal Links

If you are a UK nappy making WAHM who would like a reciprocal link to the links page please email me.

I am also thinking of linking to other mums who sue cloth nappies and have webpages of their little ones in nappies. If you want a link let me know!

Training Pants

I'm in the process of aquiring training pants for ELinor as now 26 months, so watch for the page!

Angel luv fleece trainer pant.

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