Making Tudor Costume – Year 2 [ Kentwell 1559] 2013

Having re-enacted this year and looked most closely at various clothes others were wearing, i have a list of what I will make for next year.

2 x posh shifts for SB – possibly a square neck one and a ruffled collar and cuff with some blackwork. <- am making 2 ruffled shifts <-done

1 x new coif for me <- done and worn to first open day

2 x partlets: poor partlet for SB and rich partlet for SB – essentially the same, but the rich one will be silk. <-poor partlet done <-rich partlet -done

1 x doublet for DH <- not doing!!!

2 x linen netherhose for DH <-couldn't work out, so bought woollen from sally pointer

fixing and altering:
a guard on the bottom of my kirtle and matching band [black wool] <- done

readjust my sleeves to take off the tab and ? bind at wrist <-done

SB needs her kirtle taking down – [ possibly put guard and matching band on]. Also adding a black ‘guard’ to her sleeves to increase the length <- have taken kirtle down, debating guard and band still, and have added guard to sleeves.

fiddle with DH jerkin ? black/alt colour band around it will make it ‘sit’ better? <-nope, will just replace missing buttons! <- done :)


another shift for me <-no time, no time! - but might cut out to hem and sew in period

if can’t find dh second shift, one for him too <-borrowed, thankyou

am borrowing shifts for bb, but may need to alter them. <- minimal altering and mending done

a cloak – predom for out of hours when blustery, but also hopefully of correct material so could be used in extremis! [kentwell not keen on cloaks as prefer jackets. we are all jacketted up already <- grr have lost the wool!! ->next year

a posher looking coif for SB [ poss one of those complicated blackwork one pieces for SB?] <- currently looking unlikely... -> next year

bodge SB poor shift with a collar and frill as an emergency/spare rich shift <- done

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2 Responses to Making Tudor Costume – Year 2 [ Kentwell 1559] 2013

  1. TBird Anni says:

    grabs pompoms and starts the cheerleading…. Go Helen! You can do it!

  2. Helen says:

    lol! thankyou :) you must be at the same point now?

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