my approx schedule of events [Kentwell 1556] 2012

month buy make
Sept White linen approx 6m per adult/ 4m per child and plus 1m for coifs for all. [incl for aprons, pinner] shift x 2
October shift x 3
november shift x 3
december Coloured linen approx 8m per adult /5-6m per child [incl petticoats, lining kirtles and jackets or lining hose and jerkin and pourpoint] Petticoat x 2
January Petticoat bodies x 1

Coifs x 4

Aprons x 6

february Start searching for wool approx 6-7m per adult and 4-5 per child [kirtles , jackets, hats] Pourpoint


Kids kirtle x 1

march Kids kirtle x 1

Adult kirtle

April Hose,

doublet or jerkin

Hat x 1

may Jackets x 3

Hat x 3

june Bags and pouches, clouts and muckinders

this is roughly how I did it for a family of 4. there is a lot to make, and you either pace yourself or have a mad rush at the end. I don’t have the time in my life to do mad rushes as have a significantly demanding job, and then 2 children 2 play with, take places and in the spare spaces a husband! so pacing was the only option. [and i have to say that although we usually do a lot of growing-our-own, I just didn't have time to do that and sew]

The early months were more relaxed, but by the time we hit March I was sewing every single day to achieve this, several hours.

the amount of linen/wool is obviously an estimate, as depends on size/build and cut of clothing. I had more than this, so had 2 coifs each and some spare, so have tried to guess how little i could have got away with. I did cut carefully though. If linen is approx £7/m and wool approx £12/m this would come out as £98 pp linen and £84 pp wool. looking out for bargains will shave some off this – we used old blankets for jackets which definitely helped.

You have kit to buy on top – shoes [approx 50] belt [15] knife[15] bowl and spoon [10] basket [15] mug [5] straw hat [15] and then anything needed for station – axes for woodsmen, cooks knives etc etc. ie approx £300pp.

Re-enacting is not cheap! look out for second hand shoes and jackets and people selling their wool stashes…

claim token 7DXSZYM495ZD

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