mend and do! Sept 2012

Well, I decided before getting too carried away with making some new things for next year that I should,really, fix the things from this year! Not too much needs a major fix, but lots of little fixes. The only real major fix is DD1′s petticoat. SHe trod on the hem too often and pulled it off the waistband! there will be lots and lots of strong stitches and also the hem up a bit! SO I am going through all the linens currently making sure that they are all perfect before ironing them and putting them away for the winter in a vaccuum bag. Then come the spring and applying again for Kentwell there shouldn’t be a panic to be ready for first open day!

pile done:

mostly the odd hem that has started to come undone when I hurried, or those ties for shirt sleeves!
I also did a major redo to that ‘simple coif’ of DD1, I unpicked the band that gathers the material at the back, threaded the strings down it, cut a hole for them to escape and sewed back up. i trimmed the strings a bit as well. It looks much better!

pile to do:

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2 Responses to mend and do! Sept 2012

  1. hharicot says:

    hooray :) I have finished all the linen mending :) plan to wash, iron [urgh] and put away

  2. Helen says:

    hmm, somehow have lost one shift of DD2 and DH each :( grump!

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