Moth Alert!

Hmm, winter is coming and I have had a definite sighting of a clothes eating moth!

This is the beast! Is my wool safe? Is it secure? Unfortunately not, I have piles of it about. mostly in the sunlight – this is quite good as the moths are less likely to lay their eggs on it. However, it is time to take action!

1. shake out clothes, Wash, hang in the sunlight iron and put away in an airtight storage bag or chest. You need to was at over 48 degrees tho, and this is quite a hot wash for the wool – hence the iron component! Check for signs of moth eggs or the silvery threads of the larval cases.
2. not sure? well actually sticking things in the freezer works too – 24 hours should do it. Safer too for the delicate wool. wrap up in plastic bag or similar [sealed to prevent moisture ingress better], so that you can actually get out of the freezer as well…
3. either store in one of those vacuum bags at this point [excellent], consider a really useful lock and lock box and alsor
4. consider using moth repellent. moth balls smell, are not necessarily succesful unless you use a lot, and are not very tudory! However cedar wood chests [ ;) ] are, or replicating this with sachets. geranium and lavender essential oils are also recommended.

So, what will i do? especially since i have seen a few of these moths? i will bash clothes about in the sunlight and inspect thoroughly, can’t wash the wool clothes – most overdyed and can’t wash hot enough – so any i am worried about I will wrap and put in the freezer. SHall give them all a steam iron and then fold and place in a vacuum bag or a really useful company under bed box. with them i shall try a cedar or lavender sachet.

For the wardrobe where the kentwell clothes live periodically, especially whilst waiting for me to actually do the above ;) I will place one of the moth strips and hope.

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One Response to Moth Alert!

  1. Michelle Markham says:

    I’ve vacuumed my clothes (having been in bakhus) and all now stored in really useful company crates with moth balls. I don’t mind the smell of ours, Zensect lavender scented moth balls but have to remember to replace every three months. tbh I can’t see a moth getting into the ruc crates. I don’t trust the cedar blocks I use to work, they probably need sanding, so put the mothballs in as well.

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