A lower to middle class partlet [Kentwell 1559]

This was for SB. I followed essentially the same steps as for my own partlet 1556 but have used a light black wool for the outer and a white linen inner. This is a bit warmer. I also used the plan from the tudor tailor and made a toile in cotton on sb, reworking it a couple of times to make it fit. i planned to only make one, to cover poor and rich.

The ‘Poor’ Partlet

Classically, I made errors – i forgot NOT to leave the seam allowance on the folded over material – how often do i make this mistake? consequently the partlet ended up not being close fitting enough to be posh, so having originally planned to make just one, I now need to make another [sigh!] However, this first one was reviewed by kentwell elves, who declared the white a bit bright, so go make muddy ;) but otherwise ok. However for posh, it needs to fit better around the neck and at the shoulder – so i will toile again. However, it is fine to be sewn under the armpits, and as girth increases, then add tapes – so that was helpful to know!

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