Kentwell Kit – non clothes!

You do need some accoutrements to re-enact, so I thought I would do a quick blog about what we have as extras!


Belts – thin [less than an inch, 1/2 inch best] tan or black, with no added metal bling, and a simple buckle. should be long. My DH has for his belt a leather bag and a knife. If he was richer he would have a dagger of some kind. he isn’t rich tho :) . we girls have wool bags for our belts instead

sb blings up her beltDh

Bags – as well as leather belt bags and our wool ones, i made a number of woolen bags for belts, and a large drawstring woollen bag for DH as he wasn’t having a basket.

Bagslittle wool belt bags

eating and drinking – unless v posh, you will want a wooden bowl, a wooden spoon and a pottery mug. the bowls need to be a uk wood – ours is oak – and of simple bowl or platter shape. the spoon shouldn’t look like a kitchen stirring spoon! we bought the bowl from ebay and the spoon from annie, and the mug from our friend who is a potter. mugs and spoons are available at kentwell second open day. We then seasoned the wood with walnut oil.
bowls and spoonsmugs

knives – these are nice, not entirely essential, but we had one each – the 4 inch eating knife from 2 j’s. we were v happy with them and the price

baskets – it is handy to have a basket to put bowls, knife, spoon, mugs, linen bags hiding stuff in. Best to be full wicker, round and not patterend.


extra stuff

then depending what station you are on, you will need extra things. I had a large kitchen knife, a couple of jugs, a wooden chopping board and a pestle and mortar for my role in the cott

Pestle and mortar

Also as a mother and general show, I also had a pair of snips [in a home made case] and a needleholder and bobbin, with linen thread on it, and a variety of needles and pins within. I made a coif whilst there.

Sniipsneedlecase and bobbin

the girls had some home made games, and BB also had a woollen rabbit comforter in a bag. SB had a mollenhauer dream recorder as an authentic shape to play at Kentwell. This year she has a lute on loan.

3 and 5 mens morris with wooden bead counterswool rabbit

DH bought 2 wooden shafted axes, that although not authentitudor, weren’t screaming 20th century either :) and also some pattens

Pattenspattens in action

other stations will have other requirements – so be sure to check what you might need.

Here are our accoutrements :)


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