Kentwell 1559

I am Goodwife Ellen Gardiner, usually living in Lower Melford. my dear goodman Kit died near 2 years past from sickness, mayhap influenza. He provided well for us, leaving me our cott so that this summer as the harvest comes I rent it out and live with my sister Kate to help in her labours. You may find me in the cott at Kentwell Hall, for her goodman is the yeoman. Our eldest daughter Fortune was touched by sickness, but did survive. She is not yet of an age to be wed, but as she approaches 5 and twenty summers I would hope that there is a man of some coin who is yet fair of face and nature that she would wed. Our son Kit is now approaching journeyman as a blacksmith and lives a distance from us. In my old age I would plan to live with him and his family. Our daughter Mattie is well and oft joined the mummers. Our daughter Susanna is like to be apprenticed to the stillroom, and spent much time there this year, and i heard good reports of her as she works hard. My daughter Alys, our last born has worked well in the barnschoole, and got a penmanship licence for signing her name. After the noon she would work with the potters, and mayhap she will one day have the skill to join them. I have much knowledge of growing and storing foodstuffs and the use of our potage garden, and many receipts that we may use whilst we provide dinner. Those that visit Kentwell Hall, do come and converse with me a while.

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