Mend and do 2013

Before i get started on making for 2014, whatever the year may be, there is some mending to do. I need to go through all the clothes really before they are put away and make sure all is fixed and ready to go. When I next get them out it should be ready for the first open day. There are some things I know will need doing:

BB Biggin – she lost the strings
BB petticoat – it is getting a bit tight to put on, so need to loosen a bit. maybe I might add a canvas/linen bodies to it so it can be emergency hot weather wear?
DH pourpoint – he hasn’t been undoing the points so much so the top has torn
my petticoat – one of the shoulder seams has some stitching coming undone
shifts – i noticed BB has a seam coming loose. SB found i hadn’t done the ties on an arm of a new shift.
my sleeves – I think i will be putting in short sleeves. The long ones ‘becam detached’ during sunday’s great heat. No idea how.

So will sit with huge pile of linens first to sort out and see what we have before compiling a list of things to make for next year…

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