Making Tudor Clothes Year 3 [Kentwell 1578] 2014

In full swing for another year at Kentwell. This year I have a third daughter – provisionally called Anne – who I am making clothes for. DD1 fits into all her clothes, as does DD2. Here is my making list


2 x shifts for DD3 [Anne] - done

Petticoate bodies for DD3 - done

waistcoat for DD3 – done

hat for DD3

apron for DD3 – done

short sleeves my kirtle – done

foresleeves for new shortsleeved kirtle – done in event with brown wool

a couple of pottery aprons – done

Fixing and altering :

fix a variety of tears, rips and patches – predom in DH clothing – done, including remanlifying the codpiece!

reconsider the join of the waist to my kirtle

add extension inverse V panel to front DD1 kirtle to allow more movement! – done

restring DD2 Biggin – done

loosen her linen petti [she doesnt like wool next to her skin] – done

let down DD2 kirtle [sounds like rapunzel] – done

Highly Possible [ie planned and hope to complete!]:

doublet for DH – done!!

change my petticoat skirt to red wool

very lightweight petticoat bodies for DD2 for hot days – done

If find the wool, a cloak for the kids!

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