Kentwell 1578 Costumes Approved

Sign off pictures: we are nearly all signed off and approved for Kentwell 2014 – 1578 .

There is currently no change from last year. no new items and no adjustments. He is signed off in this. However, if I do make him a doublet, I will need to get check for the new clothes.

sign off for DH


There is no change with last years clothes, so have been approved on last year photos.

costume checkcostume checkcostume checkcostume check


There are a no real changes from last year, so last years photos used for approval. I have put a small triangular piece in the front to add a ‘kick pleat’ I will need to make her a new jacket next year I think.


I have let down the growth panel in the kirtle, and have made a lightweight petticoate bodies for hot days.




our French daughter has been costume checked in the new ‘a la mode’ clothes for working females. She looks lovely


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