Kentwell 2015 [1588] – make and do 1 – kids woollens

This post is actually written March 2015, but as i can’t set up the blog to start with the earliest post so that it makes sense reading the garments in order, I am manipulating the posting times.

We have been accepted for our 4th year at kentwell hall, and have had the first open day. It is time to look at the kit, clear away the moths ;) and the grub! and make sure it still fits.

SO i have looked at the girls woollens to start with, and will be happily hand sewing some fixes

DD2 kirtle ( essential)
New sleeves
3 inch extension across chest
2 inch guard

20150314-142138.jpg 20150314-142155.jpg

DD1 kirtle ( non essential)
Take in 1cm each side at waist ( non urgent!)
Button on sleeves [make a self button and a buttonhole or loop]
Either let down and extend kick panel or 2 inch guard around bottom ( non urgent)


DD3 petticoat (essential)

I have had to measure this against DD1, as DD3 is actually french and borrowed, and will arrive pretty much just in time for the event, so no time to make and mend. SHe has grown taller, so will add length to shoulder strap and to skirt. Width will be adjusted by the lacing.

3 inch guard
Add 2 inches to shoulder strap
Sew on skirt where coming apart
Wash bodice

20150314-142339.jpg 20150314-142351.jpg 20150314-142327.jpg

DD3 jacket – becomes DD1 jacket

This jacket was quite fitted when I made it for DD3, and with whatever body changes going on, fairly sure it wont fit her, and unable to make the alterations. She rarely wore it! [and it is sooo beautiful!] so I am going to fit it to DD1, and then DD3 can wear her looser jacket which will def fit!

Lengthen sleeves by 1-2 inches
As fitted, fit to sb as doubt frb will fit!
Therefore redo hooks so actually abuts.
Take from 1cm above lowest hook to waist at curve to take 1cm at waist form each side and extra hook there

20150314-142410.jpg 20150314-142422.jpg

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